Wednesday, February 6, 2013

lost in the magic of motherhood

Lately I have been lost in the magical moments of motherhood. I have found myself finding joy in the simple every day routine we follow in our home and also felt lost in the sense that I have no idea how to handle certain situations now that I have teenagers in the house! 

Every day when I get out of bed I have no idea what is in store for me as a mother. Part of me finds this exciting, exhilarating and challenging. Another part of me finds this scary, daunting and exhausting.

With so many different personalities and unique outlooks on life from my children, there is always an adventure in store for me each day. I may be required to research the flute music for the Hobbit theme, read the lyrics of an inappropriate song, beat my son at cricket, watch a dance performance 5 times, comfort a child who is feeling anxious, help a child with the alphabet, repeat 10 times why a certain child is too young to be going out with someone, braid hair, introduce children to the wonderful invention of deodorant (again!), play a card game, yell out 20 times to wash your hands or to be patient when I try to sit on the couch and 3 children are fighting to sit on my lap all at the same time.

All of these moments help me to become better. They stretch me, they teach me and they give me experience to understand myself and my potential. I find each day as a parent I am becoming either lost in the love, the magic and the wonder of my relationship with my children or lost in relying upon prayer, my own personal experiences or from the first crazy thought that comes into my mind when I need to teach, train and love my cherubs. 

Although each day is tiring and long, I rejoice in those sweet moments, like the one above, where I find all my cherubs piled together having fun. I love that although they have the whole pool to have fun in, they choose to stick together, they enjoy being close to each other and they know how to be happy. It is these moments that motivate me and push me to be better, that make those lost moments where I have no idea what I am doing, not seem so bad. 

As I stand on the side of the pool I feel happy and content. I feel like I have found my parenting groove and my heart feels full. I leave them to play, I walk inside, look at the mess they have created and know that there is still much for me to do. Such is the journey of being a parent. We may feel like we are lost in so many ways but we really are doing a great work and even though the rewards can often feel few and far between, it is a work that changes lives. Often the life that is changed is our own.  My life has been changed forever because of these wonderful cherubs that have come into my life. I am so grateful for that.              



  1. Just perfect Naomi. You are truly amazing and inspiring and I know when your children one day have their own family they will remember this love, magic and wonder that you gave them and they will give it to their children. For now how lucky are they to have you as mum. xxx

  2. Thanks for this Naomi.
    What an inspiration you are as a Mum and person!
    I have been feeling lost today with my baby of four children off to part tme school.
    I know they all still need me lots at 10, 8, 6 and 4, but I am grieving the loss of no more full time children at home, no babies and toddlers.
    I feel torn and part of me wants another.
    I guess it is an adjustment phase and as you say there is still much to do, love, cherish and enjoy!
    How are you finding this time with your children all at school now? I would love to hear more about it.

  3. I love getting these little insights into your life Naomi. So precious! I know how busy it is with my three and how you can have a finger in so many different pies - so to visualise that on a major scale - it must be daunting AND freaking amazing all bundled up together- just like your kids in the pool :)

  4. So beautifully said Naomi! You're inspiring xx

  5. I have only 2 kids but I sure do hear you loud and clear. It is very interesting how different my kids are from one another. It is interesting since such a young age how they slowly show their unique personalities.

  6. Well said, I’m impressed with your perception.

  7. Thanks everyone. I love to share my thoughts on motherhood. They change every day and Kat I can really relate to feeling lost with all the kids at school! So different!

  8. I’m in love with your thoughts


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