Zimmiz review + giveaway

I like to involve my cherubs in my blog. Especially, when I get emails about toy reviews. My four youngest cherubs decided that Zimmiz was a toy that we needed to have in our home and a must for our family to review. I was a little skeptical about it but since we have had a Zimmiz visiting our house my cherubs have been loving it!

Basically, Zimmiz is a free App developed by an Australian company and is therefore a phone face toy that has just become available here in Australia. The App includes more than 300 animations and actions for the Zimmiz characters. You can check out the App HERE and your children can play with it on an iphone, ipod touch or ipad. 

To help bring the App to life more they have developed a specially designed plush playmate to hold your phone or ipod touch to play with the Zimmiz character. The plush sells for around $24.95 and is compatible with iphone 4S, iphone 4, iphone 3GS and ipod touch. You simply insert your ipod or iphone into the snug pocket provided and your Zimmiz becomes like an interactive teddy bear!

Zimmiz are a lovable alien race that have crash-landed on Earth whilst searching for their lost twins. They come in three different colours: green, pink and blue. Zimmiz are also very cheeky and like to play games. Children can help design the way the Zimmiz character looks by changing the colour of their eyes, skin, nose, lips and teeth.

The fun part about having Zimmiz is that children can interact with them. The Zimmiz shows a variety of emotions and feelings with through noise and facial expressions included in the App. I would not go so far as to say it is highly educational but from the expressions children can clearly tell how the Zimmiz is feeling. In that way it is teaching children about feelings and emotions. Having a Zimmiz would also be a great help if you were travelling and you needed something for your children to entertain them in the back seat. Sadly, you can't talk back to the screen but you can have the Zimmiz characters respond and react when you:

Hold him upside down
Shake him until he get's dizzy
Scratch him when he is itchy
Feed him his favourite food
Tickle him until he laughs
Put him to sleep by closing his eyes and you can slide open his mouth to access extra cool games.

My children have enjoyed the interactive feature of the App and have loved having a plush toy to play with. They have included it in games they are playing, put it to sleep in their bed and I have found that the plush and App is just the right size and ability for 4+ years of age to use. 

Here is the introduction to Zimmiz if you are interested:

I have 4 Zimmiz plush characters (green in colour) to giveaway to Seven Cherubs readers.
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Giveaway closes 5pm 7th of March, 2013
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Disclosure: I received a free Zimmiz plush toy to review 

CONGRATS TO: Bev, Rachel Kriss-Newell, Chris and Lisa Wilson.