10 Easy Large Family Meals

I spend a lot of time cooking with a large family. Not my favourite thing to do but necessary if you have a family of nine. So, I am always looking for easy and quick meals that I know most of my family will eat. I am not a food blogger and have little interest in blogging specific food recipes I cook but thought I would put together a list of meals that our family generally eats on a regular basis.

These are meals that I find are easy to make, are affordable, can be stretched out to feed us all and will also be filling for my children who always seem to be hungry an hour after dinner!

Here we go. This is a list of the first 10 meal idea's that I thought I would share:

1. Jacket Potatoes: So easy to make. Simply cook the potatoes in the oven and put out a variety of toppings for your family to choose from. This way my family can pick what they want. I often do this and put out only vegetarian options to make it healthier. Such as: beetroot, pineapple, spring onion, tomato, corn etc.

2. Tuna Wraps: I mix 2 large tins of tuna with mayonaise and put it in a bowl. I then chop up tomato, lettuce and cheese and put those each in a bowl. I then put out a couple of packets of tortilla wraps. My family then come and make their own tuna wraps. I also swap out the tuna for sliced ham or cooked chicken sometimes.

3. Beef Strogonoff: My family loves this meal. So easy to make too. I cook the beef and then throw in 2 tins of mushroom soup and just before serving I add a little sour cream to the sauce mixture. I serve it with pasta or rice.

4. Sang Choy Bow: I pick a choice of mince - I use beef, pork or chicken - and cook it up with capcisum, sliced carrot, zucchini and mushroom. I also throw in spring onion, onion or any other herbs I have available. I add all the sauces you normally cook it with and serve it up in a lettuce leaf. Easy!

5. Apricot chicken: I so love this meal! My easy way of cooking Apricot chicken is I cook the chicken in a pan, add the apricot juice and then add a packet of chicken noodle soup and half a packet of spring onion soup. Adds so much extra flavour. I then serve it with rice or vegetables.

6. Homemade Pizza: This is a normal Saturday night meal for us. I make up the pizza dough, about 3 lots for our family, then put out a variety of toppings for my family to make their own pizza. Toppings include olives, tomato, sliced ham or salami, capcisum, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, herbs and cheese to name a few. Everyone loves it!

7. Vegetarian Quiche: I make up a big quiche and follow the normal recipe to make one but only include zucchini, spinach or broccoli as the ingredients. I chop them up fine and it is the only way my family knows how quiche tastes. Love it!

8. Soup + Bread: I make a variety of soups for our family. Pumpkin, vegetable, tomato, potato + leek, chicken, minestrone or whatever I have available in the house to make. I serve it up with bread. I normally have two soup options available for dinner.

9. Fried Rice: My fried rice is very simple. I cook the rice, then throw in onion, peas, bacon (sometimes), spring onion, egg, carrot or anything else I have in the fridge. It is different every time I make it and it all depends what left overs or vegetables I have available.

10. Roast: I find with a large family it is cheaper for me to buy a bulk piece of meat like a roast than a couple of packs of chops or stir fry meat. So every Sunday I normally throw a roast in the slow cooker for our family to enjoy that night. I might do chicken, pork or lamb. Super, super easy and I serve it up with vegetables and we are all happy!

These are meals I am sure you cook as well and they are nothing fancy but for a large family they feed us all and we normally manage to fit them into our budget. Hope that is a little inspiration for you and I look forward to sharing the next 10 recipes with you.