dealing with haters: steel yourself and don't back down

You might be like me and are struggling with a challenge in your life.

You might not feel strong enough to deal with what is being asked or required of you.

Or following your dream might seem just too hard and you want to back down.

If so...I thought you might relate to a letter I wrote to myself about following my dream of continuing my blog when all I really wanted to do was give in to the haters and to stop.

Naomi..when you get to the stage where you want to throw this whole blog thing in and the haters are getting you up this blog post, read it and don't ever stop writing and don't let them win.

You made the decision to steel yourself.

To get up every day, to be courageous, to be vulnerable and put your words and thoughts and family experience out there for the world to read and see.

By doing so you are going to cop crap. You just will.

Not everyone is going to agree with you. You know that.

They will also tell you so in the meanest, harshest way they can.

You can be the kindest, sweetest, bravest, couragest, most helpful person in the world and you will still cop crap.

People will hate on you no matter what you do.

You cannot win.

You cannot change that.

It is reality and comes with the toxic side of the social media world you have chosen to be part of.

Keyboard warriors who sit behind their computers and gossip and hate on other women live bitter lives.

They take joy in bringing others down.

You find joy in lifting others up.

That is why you write.

You are not better than them.

You are not above them.

You are just different.

You have different goals each day.

What the haters say is not real.

Their words are empty black letters on a screen.

Do not listen to their words. Let them go.

They don't know the real you.

They only see the slice of you that you decide to share.

They think they know you and your heart but they don't.

They don't see how much you really care or love your family.

They don't know what you have really gone through and what challenges you still face every day.

Your family knows the real you. Their love and hugs and support is real and true.

Focus on the positive words that come your way.

Cling to them to motivate you to keep going.

Cling to them so you can continue to write for the one.

That one person each day who needs to read what you have to say.

Some days that one is you and that is why you need to keep going.

To help yourself and to help others along the way.

Don't back down. Don't stop.

Steel yourself. You are strong enough and brave enough to endure what comes your way.

You have done it before. You can do it again.

You are not perfect. You make mistakes.

People will misinterpret your words and thoughts.

Feel the pain. Feel the hurt. Bleed it out and then continue anyway.

It's OK to hurt and to feel sad.

People are mean. Their words can cut deep.

Just don't let it stop you from living your life the way you want.

The fight to keep writing is worth it.

It is what you want.