The Sunday Journals

The Sunday Journals are a new tradition I started this year.
Don’t you just love that you can start a new tradition at any time? I sure do.

Each child has a notebook/journal that I keep in a basket in our lounge room.
These journals are only for me to write in and every journal is different looking.
Of course!

The tradition is that every Sunday I sit down and write a memory/moment/experience/funny story about each of my children that happened during the week.

For example:

I have recorded how I asked Liberty,
“What is it like to be 5 years old?”

Liberty replied,
“It is like taking your training wheels off a bike.”

Love the way she thinks!

I also have recorded how Chelsea was asked to read out loud to the class a paragraph of a novel they were studying for the year. The paragraph she was asked to read contained swear words.

Chelsea began reading and when she reached the swear words she announced to the class that she would not say those words out loud.

Students in the class began to tease her and she still refused. Then her teacher encouraged her to say the words out loud. Still Chelsea refused to say them and simply continued on with the reading.

I love her desire to live her life according to her standards no matter what pressure others place on her. You go Chelsea!

Recording these little moments and snippets of my children’s lives are a gift from me to them.

My hope is that in the future it will be a journal that they treasure and can look back on with fondness as they relive their childhood in small moments.

It is the little things that make all the difference.