The wholemeal bread stand off

Trying to make changes in my home takes courage, determination and the knowledge that you are in for a battle. Bascially, it is a battle between me and 8 other people of who can hold off the longest.

When it comes to making healthy food changes it is one of the hardest battles.
I thought I would share with you an example of one such battle.

Recently, I decided to change our bread...once again...I don’t know how many times I have tried to do this but we are again dealing with the wholemeal bread standoff.

I decided that we are changing to wholemeal/mulitgrain bread as I really believe it is better for you and much more filling than white bread.

So I went shopping and purchased the wholemeal bread and put it in the cupboard.

I pick the kids up from school, they put their lunch boxes on the bench and it starts.

A child looks in the cupboard and pulls out a loaf of wholemeal bread.

They turn and look at me with a frown and ask...
’Mum. What is this wholemeal bread doing in the cupboard?’

I say nothing and wait.
Then it all explodes.

‘What! Wholemeal bread. I am not eating that!”
“Where is the white bread?”
“I am hungry and I am not eating wholemeal bread!”
“Why did you buy it Mum?"

I still haven’t said anything.

Then a child announces,

“I am never eating a sandwhich again!” and storms out of the kitchen.

I have to leave the room to stop myself from laughing!
I mean is wholemeal bread not the end of the world!

Then the stand off begins...

We make wholemeal bread sandwhiches for lunch boxes the next morning.
At the end of the day I count 7 wholemeal sandwhiches still in lunch boxes.

Nobody has eaten them.
They are determined these kids!

Day 2 - the same thing happens.

I am torn between giving them all a serious talking to about the crazy way they are behaving and the importance of eating healthy to making them watch a youtube clip of starving children in other parts of the world to remind them of how lucky we are to even have bread!

The stand off continues.

After about a week of many loaves of wholemeal being wasted (which just kills me!) a change starts to occur.

I see a child have wholemeal toast for breakfast.
I see a child accept a multigrain sandwhich for lunch and I hear no outburst or complaints.

It is at this time that I add a little more pressure and remove sugar loaded cereal from our home.

The choices now for breakfast become: toast, oats, yoghurt or eggs.

Suddenly that wholemeal bread is starting to look at lot more appetising and within a week it has become part of their daily routine.

Two weeks later we only have one wholemeal bread sandwich coming home in lunch boxes.

I am calling this a success!

Now I know that changing out the bread in our home is a very small issue and people would wonder - with so much opposition against you why bother?

Here is why I bother: I really believe it is these small changes with food (or any other family issue that you are passionate about) that will make a big difference to the health and benefit of my family in the future.

My kids, they can’t see that, so they put up a fight.
Me, I can see ahead, I can see the benefits, so I think the battle is worth it.