Never stop learning as a parent

I like to think that I have always been self motivated to become a better person and parent. I have worked hard to develop certain skills and talents and have realistically accepted my capabilities and limitations. Which are many!

I guess I have always had a desire to learn, to educate myself and to keep my mind active. Especially since becoming a stay at home Mum when days and years seemed to repeat themselves over and over with endless mounds of washing and housework that needed to be done.

Over the years I have always been interested in reading books, blogs and articles about parenting. I love to read about what other parents are doing and to find little gems of inspiration that I can apply to my own family.

As the parent of a large family the need to educate myself has been a necessity. There has been so much to learn about how to manage and run a home with seven cherubs. Maybe for some people it comes a little more naturally but for me it has been a steep learning curve.

Over the years I have worked hard to try to learn as much as I can about how to have a good balance of being a happy fun-loving content parent and of also being a consistent reliable routine enforcing parent.

I have to honestly say that I have felt like I have been failing in both of those areas in the last 12 months. Hence the several blog breaks I have taken this year to help our family function better.

Now I am at an interesting stage of my parenting journey. I have three teenagers and four younger cherubs to take care of and I am finding the need to keep learning and educating myself more than ever.

Our family routine and needs keep changing and so does my need to change too. I am constantly feeling the need to be flexible and skilled at what I do so that I can move with the ebb and flow of our family life.

The values, standards and expectations of my children haven't changed but my timing, personal plans and personal desires have had to change or be put aside now more than ever as my cherubs are all over the place and busy living lives that are helping them grow and develop in various ways.

Some days it feels like a big sacrifice to give up my time and personal plans or desires but most days I am grateful for the opportunity to be a busy stay at home Mum to such wonderful children.

Blessed + Grateful.