An Early Morning Seminary Teacher

This year I have taken on a new assignment at church. I am teaching an early morning seminary/religious class to about 25 students. We meet 5 days a week - so the students attend this class before they go to school and my class starts at 6am in the morning.

The class is for students from Year 9-Year 12 at school and so far 2 of my own children have completed 4 years of attending these early morning classes. I have been taking/driving my own children to this class for many years and this year I get to be the teacher of it myself.

We are studying The New Testament from The Bible and incase you were wondering, this is a volunteer position. Yes. I am happy to volunteer to get up early to teach the wonderful students in my class. They are bright and clever and I am amazed by their dedication to study the scriptures before they begin their school day. How could I not be excited to spend the start of my day with such awesome kids!

I have a lot to learn this year about being a good teacher for youth and also from the scriptures. Balancing it all with full time study and taking care of my family will be a new challenge. Thankfully, I have the support of my family and a great love of studying!

My faith is important to me and I see this new assignment as a wonderful way to grow closer to God. I know I am going to face challenges and be tested on my ability to balance my life, but I see it as worth the effort to help the students in my class learn and to also show my own children that my personal beliefs mean a lot to me.

So, if you see me looking extremely sleep deprived, this is the reason why!