Celebrate your parenting win moments more often.

With a house full of young children for many years, I quickly discovered the value in celebrating my parenting win moments. You know, those rare moments amongst all the chaos when you felt like you actually made a difference or when you got through to a child and finally after weeks of trying to explain yourself...they understood what you were asking them to do!

Celebrating those special moments helped boost my self esteem and gave me the confidence to keep plodding along in my 'groundhog day routine' that seemed to never end! These moments can quickly pass by and become buried under the more difficult not-so-fun moments of parenting. 

We all know there are plenty of those in our day!

I know that some people might feel that these moments are tiny and insignificant, but for me they were milestones in my day and they totally deserved to be celebrated. Often for me the celebrating involved me talking to myself, out-loud in a stolen moment in my bedroom. 

With a lot of children, this required some fast self talking before I was discovered! 

Those brief moments where I took the time to celebrate with an air fist pump or quick bust--a-move dance routine, made a difference for me. So many of my years at home taking care of my children involved me feeling worn out and exhausted. 

Just making it to the end of the day was cause for celebration!

I love to hear from other parents win moments they have had in their families. Sadly, not too many people actually share them. We focus so much on what we believe is going wrong in our home with our parenting techniques that we fail to see all of the good that we are doing too.

My goal for this year is to celebrate more of my win moments as a parent. 

I currently have a bunch of teenagers in my home and it is challenging in many ways. I am lucky that I have awesome kids and yet I find it challenging worrying about them and keeping up with everything that is going on in their lives. 

Most important to me is keeping a good relationship with them through all of the challenges they face. If I can do that - surely I am winning as a parent!