embracing your body image after having a baby

Our bodies are amazing. Full stop. If you are reading this and have had a child, you know this to be true. I don't need to tell you how incredible the whole process is of watching and feeling a child grow within you and then bringing it into the world. 

After such an amazing experience with your body of creating life, where we are stretched beyond our imagination in more ways than one...we can come crashing down quite quickly when we discover the remains of what used to be our body. Some of us embrace the new definition of our bodies and carry those battle scars with pride. Others, feel disheartened and struggle to see beauty or feel self love.

My self love body journey after having seven children has been a roller coaster ride. I have had pregnancies where I carried too much fluid and even my feet ended up with stretch marks and I have had several children where it didn't take me too long to fit back into my normal clothes. 

I also carried twin boys who pretty much destroyed my hips for the rest of my life! Each precious child that we carry has an impact on our bodies. For some of us, it is a sacrifice we are happy to wear and even though we have our private moments where we struggle with self love, we generally feel honoured and privileged to have played a part in creating life. 

If you are struggling to find any self love after having a child, you are not alone. Having a baby changes your body. I don't care who you are, your stomach is never the same. Ever. 

Instead of seeing my stomach as a gutted tin roof pattern, I see it as a delicate shiny imprint of my children's love. For me, those marks left behind represent love. With each of my children, I carried and birthed them into the world with love. 

For me, it is like a little part of that intense love I have for them, has been left behind on me as a reminder. Each of my children left their mark on me and I feel empowered by that. The more marks I have, the more love I have in my life. 

{With my twin boys who make the clicking noise in my hip every day worth it!}

I guess over the years, I have come to a place where I just embrace who I am. I have seasons of good health and fitness and seasons where I am so busy I struggle to take care of myself because I have fallen into the trap of putting everyone else first. It happens!

I am a short, slightly chubby Mum of seven kids. My body is not what it used to be and I accept that. I try to take care of it the best I can and am grateful I can still function and do all that I want to do each day. I try to look for the good I do with my body and not waste time dwelling on what it used to be. 

If I do ever feel discouraged, all I have to do is look at my children and I know immediately it was worth it!