Parenting books: my love/hate relationship with them.

I have a love/hate relationship with parenting books. I am a big believer in trusting your instincts and parenting from the heart and that the only person who knows how to parent your child is you. So I am a little, tiny bit against them.

However, I also believe they are worth reading when you are starting out as a parent as they could give you some basic knowledge and examples on how to parent according to your values. I personally love to read them to give me a fresh outlook on being a parent.

In the beginning years of my parenting journey I read a lot of parenting books. I would read them and end up feeling terrible as a parent because I would compare myself to the authors life and suggestions. This was not helpful at all!

So often I have read about child raising techniques and loved the idea and plan but knew deep down in my heart that it was not right for my home or children. It might have been great for another family but I knew it was not right for me.

As I grew in confidence as a parent, my ability to read parenting books developed a more healthy approach. Since then, I have been more interested in reading books, blogs and articles about parenting. I love to read about what other parents are doing and to find little gems of inspiration that I can apply to my own family.

In the 18 years I have been a parent, I have read some outstanding parenting books. For me they were outstanding because they helped give me ideas on how to take a more careful approach to what I was already trying to achieve in my home.

I don't read many parenting books now and rarely feel like I need to be doing what other people or authors are doing because my family is not the same as everyone else.

What my parenting journey looks like and what your parenting journey looks like are two very different paths. I don't have all the answers about how to be a good parent. I am learning about what works best for our family just like you.

Along the way I am learning what to do to keep moving forward with our family vision on the path we are taking and in the future I am sure I will need at least a few parenting books to help me stay focused. After all, parenting never stops no matter what age your children are!