Pokeno icecream towers above the rest!

We love our icecream. In fact, we love it a little too much in our house! When planning our trip to New Zealand, one of the key places I wanted to take my kids was to Pokeno. Simply for the icecream!

I remember going there many years ago and was so impressed that I wanted to make sure my kids enjoyed it to. Thankfully, when we visited, nothing much had changed. The icecream was just as delicious and as huge as I remember!

Pokeno is about 30 minutes south of Auckland and when driving into the town there are two small stores, right next door to each other, selling massive icecream towers! The two shops are as good as each other so it doesn't really matter which one you go to. As you can see in the picture above, if you are brave enough you can take on the 15-scoop epic tower for $18.

We were not that brave and decided to take on a much smaller but still large edition of an icecream cone. To me, it is these small family moments shared together, like getting a massive icecream cone once in your lifetime, that create wonderful memories.