Hello. Welcome to my blog.

I believe in keeping it real. 
I believe in speaking the truth. 
I believe in telling our story.

I also believe in the power of family.
It is in our homes that we plant seeds that will change the world.

Let me tell you a little more...

This little pocket of the internet is my creative space. It is where I love to hang out and share my heart. Right now in my life I am a blogger, writer, kitchen dancer, jewellery collector, happiness seeker, home decorator and motherhood advocate.

I am the mother of seven children or cherubs as we like to call them. We have four girls and three boys, which includes one set of twin boys just to make life interesting. By the way, I like interesting!

We had seven children in nine years. It was insane, it was intense and it was busy. It still is. This is where I love to share what happens in our home. I love to share practical tips and to keep it real. I love being a mother but it is also the hardest work I have ever done.

We live in Brisbane, Australia and I originally started this blog to share with family and friends the adventures we get up to as a family. Along the way I started writing about topics that I am passionate about. These topics make people think, they make people uncomfortable and they help children who can't speak for themselves.

I share some of the battles I have had in my life. I openly and honestly write about being a survivor and thriver of childhood sexual abuse, I write about having post natal depression and I write about battling to keep myself sane with a large family!

We love to have fun in our family, we love to teach our children they can do hard things and we love to simply be ourselves. We are far from perfect and make mistakes. I like to share those moments here too. You know, to keep it real.

Some days are pure bliss in my home and other days are crazy and nothing goes right! It is all part of the journey of being a parent. I am learning so much in the process. I am also learning so many things I did not want to know!

Before starting a blog I went to Uni, got a degree, joined a church and found God. I spent 18 months on a full time service mission for my church in New Zealand and Rarotonga. I met Matt, we dated for four weeks and then got engaged. We just knew it was right. Several months later we got married.

I then began my dream career of becoming a Mum. I am thankfully living this dream and love that I can connect with so many other parents through my blog. We are all on this journey together and I love that we can support, encourage and motivate each other through the process.

We hope you enjoy your visit with our family. Thanks for dropping by.

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