I am passionate about helping other women take better care of themselves.
To take control, to fight for themselves and to kick that negative self talk out of their life.

I generally like to write about three topics in relation to self care:
Overcoming Sexual Abuse, Depression and Happiness.

Here are my favourite blog posts in each area:

Sexual Abuse.

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My post natal depression story
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1. Let go of the past: Learning from the past has given me wisdom. It has given me strength and determination to do better, to be better and to be happy. My tips on how to move on from the past are HERE.

2. Wake up happy: An important key to my arising happy in the morning is going to bed at night happy with my cherubs and husband. Also having something to look forward to during the day helps me feel happy too. Read my tips for waking up happy HERE.

3. Be yourself: I do not want to spend my life trying to be someone I am not. There is a difference in trying to be like someone else and in trying to become better yourself. I believe in keeping it real, in being who I am at all times. Read my tips for being yourself HERE.

4. Have a house of order: Having a house of order invites a better feeling in my home. When everyone knows where things go and what the standard needs to be it makes it simple for everyone to follow, which = happiness for everyone. You can read my tips for having a house of order HERE.

5. Learn to say NO: In relation to saying NO and happiness I have learned to use a ‘family filter’ when asked to help others. I put the request up to the light of the filter and consider if the cost or the service will impact our family. You can read more tips about saying no HERE.

6. Expect good things: When I wake up in the morning I expect good things to happen. It hasn't always been this way for me, but it is now. I find the process relates so much to how I think, what positive thoughts I generate during the day and with how much I decide to start my day on a positive note. I know if I wake up in the morning thinking it is going to be a bad day - it always is. You can read more thoughts HERE.

7. Never give up: One of my blog dreams is to help women be happy. Many days as I have been writing and working on my blog I have felt discouraged. I have even felt that keeping up with this blog has been too hard with seven children and that I am really not making that much difference. Yet. Here I am. Still going. You can read more tips HERE.

8. Show affection: Happiness for me is felt more often when I feel we are showing affection to each other as a family. It happens when I lead the way by making an effort to focus on hugging and kissing my cherubs. I then find that my kids start returning the affection and we start going around in this big ole sweet affection connection! Read more about it HERE.

9. Have a happy sloganI think everyone should have a happy slogan. A saying they yell or shout whenever they feel happy. We don't celebrate being happy enough! More thoughts HERE.

10. Embrace yourself and your body: I may not look the way some people wanted me to look and I may have a saggy, baggy body after having seven children but my body allows me to love them and hug them and to serve them in many wonderful ways as I raise them into adulthood. You can read how I love my saggy, baggy body HERE.